We are still in power till 2051.” Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah Prime Minister

We are still in power till 2051.” Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah Prime Minister

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Uganda Premier Rt Hon Nabbaja has come out to say that all those opposition parties dreaming to take power from the NRM any soon should get better things to do because the yellow party is still in power for atleast more 30 years.

Nabbanja’s words came as she appeared on one of the local TV stations where she was taking the viewers through what they should expect of the parish development model that is aimed at eradicating poverty out the country.

Nabbanja said that when she looks at all opposition parties combined, they lack the energy and capacity to uproot the National Resistance Movement – NRM which has grass root structures in every village of this country unlike the opposition parties that scramble for only a few seats in the central region.

Nabbanja also used the opportunity to ask all opposition politicians to support the government in power to implement its manifesto because by law , a party in power is privileged to implement its manifesto with support from the rest of the runners up .

Nabbanja added that the opposition politicians instead hoodwink the public by claiming that the NRM rigged its way to power adding that its only a fool who can be rigged over 5 times citing the 1996,.2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and now the 2021 elections where the NRM won at all occasions.

Nabbanja also made it clear that even if President Museveni decides to step down or not contest any further, the party has a ‘stand by generator’ who can take over after and thus all NRM supporters should expect any leadership crisis should Museveni decide to go rest some day.

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