“Treat Kibalama and his disciples as masqueraders.” Ssenyonyi

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There is a cold war going on between the National Unity Platform Kamwokya faction and its original founders led by Mr Moses Kibalama Nkonge of the now Kabowa faction.

Today Kibalama opened up the new offices which he says are the real and original offices of the NUP.

Following the ongoings, the Kamwokya faction Spokesperson Hon Joel Ssenyonyi has released a statement distancing self from the Kabowa event saying these are just masquerading as leaders of NUP.

Ssenyonyi says that previously Kibalama and his people told court how they were coached by the NRM leaders to tell lies about the legitimacy of the National Unity Platform.

Ssenyonyi adds that these very people are still used by the state with hopes of disorganizing Bobi Wine and his people but this cannot happen because Ugandans know what they want.

Ssenyonyi has warned Kibalama that the party with drag them to the courts of law should they continue to disturb and fraudly claim to be the real NUP.

Kibalama who handed over the party to Mr Kyagulanyi a few years ago said that he retook ownership of the party once again citing the misconduct and bleach of the Memorandum of Understanding he signed Mr Kyagulanyi.

He accuses the Kamwokya faction of not following what was agreed upon adding that the MOU had a clause that gave him powers to reclaim the leadership of the party back.

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