On the other side of Bebe Cool’s shooting incident, Kanyamas beat that security man who knocked on his car, it was painful to watch

But the media is only interviewing one side on this matter, which is very wrong. My instincts refused to believe Bebe Cool after listening to his audio where he said he has the man’s gun as a civilian. I imagined what happened before getting that from him. Read below 👇 #WhisperEyeNews

The way Bebe Cool’s kanyamas beat that security man who knocked his car, it was painful to watch!

I have read various social media comments from Bebe Cool and his fans about the incident at Pier1 on Saturday night.

Bebe Cool is taking advantage of his popularity and huge social media following to conceal facts and hide the truth.

I will not disclose my identity but at least I saw what could have partly happened.

As I retired from the bar, time was about 2am, I found over 5 hugely built men surrounding a saloon car and one of the men was shouting at his loudest.

I realized it is one of my favorite singer, Bebe Cool who was shouting.

I tried to ask some of the people who were also watching the fracas from a distance on what was going on.

I was informed that a drunkard had knocked Bebe Cool’s V8 as he attempted to reverse in the parking. Of course, there is no way many of us would pick our cars to go home until the matter was settled. The crowds kept growing, and I had to move near to watch what was happening.

As I got nearer, I saw one of the men (Kanyama) pushing his hand in the saloon car which I later saw was a Benz fighting to pull out the car key. This was on orders of Bebe Cool who insisted that the drunkard should be arrested as he called out his military guard and other security guards of the bar to take action.

Meanwhile, the person who was inside the small car whom Bebe Cool called a drunkard had lowered the windscreen to talk to the kanyamas, that is how one of the Kanyama managed to pull out the car key, and in a blink of an eye, they pulled out the man as they beat him.

In the process of roughing him up on handcuffs, I realized he had a gun which had fallen and Bebe Cool and his Kanyama whom I learnt is called Cobra had got the gun. Bebe Cool started shouting as they slapped the man already on handcuffs that he was armed.

Now all of us who were there understood that the man was a security officer otherwise how could he be armed.

I also realized that he was not as drunk as Bebe Cool kept referring to him because he kept very calm and engaging Bebe Cool that this was not a matter that should be escalated.

This man’s shirt had been torn and clearly embarrassed.

Because had he been that dunk and armed I don’t think he would allow to lower his windscreen to talk to Kanyamas who dragged him out of the car.

Meanwhile Bebe Cool had called police who came with a patrol truck and threw him on as he was handcuffed.

Of the men who I think work at the bar and was talking to Bebe Cool all the time, had been with the car key of the man and entered his car to give way for Bebe Cool and all followed the police truck.

So I wondered why would you drive a car of man who could have been a security officer. Even not being a security officer why would u drive someone’s car who he is not around and has not authorized you to? a lot of things be in our cars.

On Sunday morning I woke up and social media was full of Bebe Cool’s post about the incident. But he hid some facts as I stated them.

I have also watched TV and he still saying same things. I have also seen on TV that indeed the man was a soldier.

I saw a police officer who speaks for police saying this man was admitted, I want to believe so, because the way the kanyamas beat him anyone would be admitted. One Kanyama punched him on the jaw and he fell down.

At that time, if it were me and I had a gun I can surely spray bullets.

As conclude I want to caution fellow Ugandans lets be civil. Several times I have seen people involved in a fracas because of an accident.

Why would you beat someone that he has knocked you? Is there any person who wakes up and goes on the road to knock the other? A car is not God. A car irrespective of the model, whether range rover or V8 or Benz, can be repaired.

For God and my Country

Source: Irumba

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