NUP’s David Lewis Rubongoya hits back at Kibalama faction

Using his social media handles the NUP second in command castigated Ugandans and asked them why they take unserious Kibalama to be a serious person in his words he said., #WhisperEyeNews

The problem is not the person who is unserious. The problem is the serious person who takes the unserious person serious. Worse still, a serious person who invites serious people to take the unserious person serious. Ba boi tubeere serious!”

More is still unfolding as many supporters of the Kyagulanyi headed sect have come out to castigate Kibalama however we are yet to hear any official communication from the party.

We are yet to know whether Nkonge Kibalama will face disciplinary action or even is he still a member of the National Unity Platform as he claims.

Keep you posted.

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