BobiWine’s Nup In Panic As Former Kingpin Nkonge Kibalama Opens Up National Unity Platform Headquarters.

Today former National Unity Platform Head Nkonge Kibalama has opened up Headquarters for the NUP headed by Bobiwine.

The headquarters located in Kabowa Rubaga South one of Bobiwine’s strong holds has left the Kamwokya based side in panic and Shambles as they have failed to understand what is really going on and the true motives of Kibalama.

In his opening speech Kibalama invited all change seeking forcs to work them and they are ready to champion change, he also warned them to worry of the self seekers led by Kyagulanyi Sentamu who only seek to enrich them selves but not fight for the people of Uganda.

Whisper Eye has tried to speak to the Secretary General of the Kamwokya based Nup side but he has declined to talk about the matter.

More details follow

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