Bebe Cool’s Son Responds To King Saha’s Diss Song ‘Zakayo’

Allan Hendrik terms King Saha as an “old fool” and advises him to stop smoking weed and attacking his father Bebe Cool in his new song dubbed ‘Matayo’.

Allan Hendrik photoshops one of King Saha’s photos by replacing his face with a monkey’s in the artwork of his new release.

The song dubbed “Matayo” is Allan Hendrik’s version of the Kingslove Entertainment CEO’s song “Zakayo.

Bebe and King Saha have been foes for a long while now and it seems Allan Hendrik wants in on the beef.

In his version, Hendrik warns the UMA presidential candidate against attacking people who are bigger and better than him.

He also advises King Saha to stop wasting time puffing weed which is affecting his life in the longrun.

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