Just In: Jose Chameleon taken hostage by a fearless gang in South Africa

Armed gangs led by a woman have kidnapped Dr. Jose Chameloene in South Africa, at Sandton Hotel a local official and a Ugandan source told Whisper Eye News.

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They said the abduction of Jose Chameleone occurred late SATURDAY just before chameleon was about to perform in South Africa.

“A woman known as Zaina a top businesswoman has kidnapped Dr. Jose Chamleone from Sandton hotel,” late Saturday, a trusted source confirmed, and a hotel source who asked not to be named said.

A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, also said Zaina has whisked away Jose Chamelone because of a huge debt she has against the singer.

She has asked for 80000 rands about UGX20 million before she releases him but she will retain some of the singer’s precious items.

“We are doing everything to obtain his release,” the person said, adding that Ugandans are collecting money to see that chameleon is released and is able to perform.

By Press time Jose Chamelone’s team was yet to respond to our calls, however, he also shared a video of Ugandans in South Africa who were armed with a pistol saying they want to put down Jose Chameleon, He reacted to the video by saying, “All this meant to intimidate and fail a fellow Ugandan in the name of self interests? Well I guess it’s not the way it should be. My South African fans let’s stay strong and let the music talk!!! Why Stop the show tonight?” he tagged Uganda Poilice.

More details to follow on Whisper Eye.

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