“You don’t need to love Museveni or NRM to appreciate his good work or listen to what he says.” Kiwanda


Former State Minister for Tourism who also serves as the NRM Vice Chairperson Buganda Region Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has come out to tell Ugandans that they donot need to support NRM or love Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to appreciate the good work he has done for this country or even to take time to listen to his speeches as he guides the country to prosperity.

Kiwanda was answering back after he was asked by journalists what he thought of the opposition MPs shunning the State of the Nation address but later were able to attend the budgeting reading a week later.

Kiwanda said that the NRM government is the one in power now and thus it is there to serve all Ugandans regardless of their political believes or affiliations and therefore each citizen should should take it to him or her self to embrace the different government poverty eradication programs that will make the country prosper such as the Parish Development Model, Operation Wealth Creation , Kisoboka Campaign and many others.

Kiwanda also advised the citizens who are opposition died hards not to listen to their opposition leaders who tell them to stay away from the different government poverty eradication programs because the very politicians castigating the good works of government are receiving huge salaries from the very government while their supporters are sinking further into poverty.

Kiwanda adds that these government programs are meant for all Ugandans and no segregation is done depending on which party one supports.

Hon Godfrey Kiwanda is running a poverty eradication programs dubbed Kisoboka Campaign 2021 – 2026 by Hon. Kiwanda aimed at uplifting farmers and guiding them on how they can yield more through extensive and intensive means of farming.

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