NBS Television presenter Kaiyz fakes to be a MUK graduate, attacked by his followers

Mr Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz known to many as Kaiyz has had his stunt get messy after his followers on social media quickly rubbished his claims that he had graduated from Makerere University in a yet to be known discipline.

Today, Kaiyz posted pictures of himself in a Makerere University gown to convince his followers that he had successfully passed and fulfilled the academic demands worth of the award of a degree from the greatest University in the country.

Many have come to think that if Kawalya is not telling lies, then maybe he must have graduated from Kampala International University KIU which has had its graduation ceremony take place today.

Checking in the graduation book of the 72nd graduation ceremony of Makerere University, no student by the full names of Isaac Kawalya graduated this time something that proves that Mr. Kaiyz is telling lies to the world.

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