Chris Obore vows to expose NRM goons fighting Speaker Hon. Among Anita

Director for Communications and Public Affairs at Parliament of Uganda Mr. Chris Obore while appearing on a political talk show on UBC TV vowed to name all the big people within the NRM that are busy fighting for the downfall of the new Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Anita Among. #WhisperEyeNews

Obore says if these people donot stop the bad manners, he will call a press conference and name them because it is so illogical and disgusting to see NRM members fighting a fellow NRM member.

Obore adds that the attackers are mainly NRM bush war heroes who say Among wasn’t in the bush and thus not fit to be number 3 in the country.

He further adds that the enemies of the speaker say that she is not an NRM diehard having crossed from the opposition.

Obore says he fears nobody neither losing his job because he was some time ago fired but managed to survive without working for parliament.

Obore says all the media attacks on the office of the speaker are financed by the erant haters who think that buying exerggerating incidents , it will put the speaker at panic and fail to do her job very well.

” Those who thought that the speaker will not do her job well are now embarrassed. They had said she could not run parliament. See what is happening. She has even done better than what they expected.” He said

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