“LOP Mpuuga is the most foolish opposition politician” Tamale Mirundi

Mr Mirundi has never been shy when it comes to attacking any one in the country. Yesterday Tuesday 7th June 2022 while appearing on a political talk show on STV, Mirundi attacked the leader of the opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba whom he termed as the most foolish politician in the opposition he has ever seen.

According to Mirundi, Mpuuga is like a church priest that eats the witch doctor’s money yet he castigates his works in public.

Mirundi says if Mpuuga and others who decided to shun the State of the Nation Address by President were serious politicians, they would also stay away from serving in the government that is led by a man they call evil as well as not allow to receive salaries from the same government they call illegitimate.

” How can you be a fool like Mpuuga who says Bobi Wine is the real president of Uganda but at the same time his party formed the Shadow cabinet with himself as the leader of the opposition?” He said

“How can you call yourself a priest yet you spend nights in the shrine with the witch doctor? Who is fooling who?” Mirundi added

Mr Mirundi added that he pities Ugandans who are fooled by such people that they are in the struggle to uproot Gen Museveni out of power yet they are serving in his government, enjoying the heavy salaries and driving huge cars given them by government.

Yesterday, Hon Mathias Mpuuga led a team of opposition politicians that decided to shun the state of the Nation Address saying that President Museveni had nothing serious he was going to say and was also not going to offer any solutions to the spiking prices for goods and services.

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      If a brilliant man like Mpuuga is called a fool, then Tamale Mirundi himself who is miles below the level of that fool does not even qualify to be called an idiot.

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