“No pastor or religious leader will turn your fortunes. Do it yourself. ” Gashumba advises fresh graduates

Sisimuka Uganda CEO Mr Frank M. Gashumba has come out to advise the fresh graduates to take the path of self hard work other than wasting time in night prayers and converging around Pastors and religious leaders thinking that they can turn their bad days into good ones. #WhisperEyeNews

Gashumba says that in developed countries, you cannot find things like pilgrims walking hundreds of kilometers or people going for night prayers but this is so common in poor countries like Uganda where pastors are seen as gods that can make miracles.

“To all graduates, we thank you for not disappointing your parents but the real game starts now. You need to prepare and change your mindset if you’re to make it.” He said

“Namugongo was well organized but I want to remind Ugandans that no prayer has ever made anyone rich. Most developed countries don’t have night prayers nor pilgrimage. How do you walk several Kms yet the person going to lead you in prayer came driving a range rover?” He added

Gashumba further added that its high time Ugandans woke up to the reality of working hard and smart than thinking that the religious leaders will do miracles for them because this is spiritually and scientifically Impossible.

He also added that by the time a person finishes Senior six, he is fit to do business and understand how to survive in the real world but the problem is every one thinks that to make it in life you need a PHD or a degree which is practically not the reality.

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