Big Story: Kayabwe traders embrace Mpigi District program to develop Equator point to enhance local economic development

By Kaweesa Hope Mulangira

Treaders of Kayabwe owning several businesses around the equator point under their association Kalagala – Kikutuzi Community #Tourism Association have embraced the program and they intend to develop the equator point to boost their businesses and raise revenue collection. #WhisperEyeNews

In the sensitization meeting organized by Mpigi district spearheaded by the district commercial officer Mr. Kazibwe Ronald, traders anonymously agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the district to support the project.

The European Union through Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) in partnership with Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) is ready to fund the development of Equator point at Kayabwe, Mpigi to enhance local economic development.

Mpigi district commercial officer Mr Kazibwe Ronald during the sensitization meeting at Kayabwe

The project will include the construction of a magnificent Equator monument at Kayabwe equator point, and solid waste management around the monument.

Kalagala – Kikutuzi Community Tourism Association chairperson Mr. Ssekitto Godfrey told Whisper Eye News that they have all along asked the district to invest in the project to rebrand the equator monument.

Mpigi district production officer Mr Sserwadda James Patrick during the sensitization meeting at Kayabwe

“This is a golden chance for us who are working here, the equator monument needs rebranding and construction. Tourists are complaining about water which always floods the monument whenever it rains,” Mr. Ssekitto said.

“There is a lot of plastic pollution at the place and our foreign tourists get disgusted when they come. It is an opportunity for us now since this project will deal with solid waste management,” he added.

Video: Kayabwe traders embrace Mpigi District program to develop Equator point to enhance local economic development

Mpigi district commercial officer Mr. Kazibwe advised trades to invest in a craft that portrays our culture, and craft that relates to other tourism sites like religious sites, and cultural sites which will attract more tourists as well as generate more revenue.

The Local Economic Development (LED) assessment report described Mpigi district as “Looking un-interested and aloof on your own wedding ceremony”, thus the report recommended key resources that must be utilized to enhance the local economic development among which was the development of equator point at Kayabwe.

The equator point at Kayabwe is one of the most popular equator points in the world in the year 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic an estimate of 144,000 tourists visited the equator according to the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) report.

Uganda is naturally gifted to share the equator line with only 12 other countries in the world.

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