“You cannot be 40 and still call yourself a youth. ” Gen Museveni stings Bobi Wine

it has never been well or will never be well between the yellow and red camp as the two keep fisting to cement dominance in the Uganda political Arena. #UgandaNews #Uganda #WhisperEyeNews

For long, the National Unity Platform leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has been referring to his NRM counterpart as an old man who deserves to be retired other than refusing the surrender power to the next generation.

This has for long not been going well in the ears of Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the commander of the National Resistance Army a man who captured power in 1986 aged 42.

Gen Museveni in retaliation has reminded Mr Kyagulanyi that he is 40 and thus shouldn’t be jumping around calling himself a youth.

Museveni says that at Kyagulanyi’s age, he was in the bush fighting for the freedom of Uganda something he achieved not so long from then.

” You’re 40 and you still call yourself a youth. That’s rubbish. At 40, I was fighting for the well being of this country. This Kyagulanyi here is wasting time misleading young people. ” he said

Gen Museveni adds that by the time some one turns 35, he seazes to be a youth and thus Ugandans shouldn’t be listening to individuals who always want to appear young in the public eye yet they are actually old enough.

Museveni 77, has been in power for close to 40 years with information showing that he wil stand in 2026 to push further for another term.

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