Opinion: Soaring prices, bad decisions, white elephant roads, and rising public debt: A case of Uganda Railways

One of the worst betrayals, Ugandans and East Africans at large, have kept mute about is the destruction of Uganda Railways. #UgandaNews #Uganda #WhisperEyeNews

The Uganda Railway is part of the main East African Railway built by the British, at the establishment of colonialism, to facilitate easy and cheap extraction of raw materials.

They used it directly for about 60 years and handed it over, fresh and sound.

It connected all regions of Uganda and transported all goods (heavy and light), the passenger section transported people of all standards, including students who went to Kampala or Nairobi for free.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) killed it in just 10 years of its leadership. Ideologically, the Infrastructure is further public compared to the roads.

Dismantling it was consistent with the NRM’s destruction of all public utilities – UTC, People’s Transport, Coffee Marketing Board, Uganda Airlines, the list is endless.

The regime created a desperate need to build roads that have become white elephants, exponentially increased Uganda’s public debt, and created a network penetration imbalance that was hitherto not thought of.
Today, the soaring prices are one example of a bad decision coming to burst. Many have burst and many are on the way.
Assets are national properties accumulated by hard-fought contributions and taxes.

They can not just be destroyed at the gamble of private advantage.
Killing the Uganda Railways was treasonous manipulation for which, we must prosecute this government.

Keeping mute, means an unstrategic increase in our public debt, and forced dependence on expensive means of Transport.

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