Video: Need president Joseph Kabuleta warns first family for directly controlling major economic resources in Ankole

The former presidential candidate and leader of National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) Joseph Kiiza Kabuleta warned the first family about directly controlling key economic resources in the Ankole Sub region which has hostage a number many people working as their slaves. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda #UgandaNews

Mr. Kabuleta while addressing the weekly Need press briefing at head offices in Bugoloobi, Kampala called upon all Ugandans to stand

Need releases shocking findings from Ankole Sub-region claiming that the population has been marginalized by the first family in conspiracy with their close associates owning resources including selling public land to themselves.

Ms. Prossy Atuhairwe one of the top Need coordinators from Ibanda told journalists that the biggest population in Ankole has no right to make decisions.

Mr. Kabuleta speaking at Need press briefing at head offices in Bugoloobi

“In 2021, many people did not vote, by 8:00 am all ballot boxes were filled with ticket ballot papers, in Ankole just a few families have a right to be voted into offices,” says Ms. Atuhairwe.

“Land is also owned by few individuals among the first family and those close to the first family the middle class people who are working for members of the first family,” she explained.

Mr. Kabuleta said that time is up and all individuals who have confiscated or illegally acquired land will not take that land, and must be brought to books.

He called for unity among Ugandans across all regions and focus on ending National Resistance Movement (NRM) regime as soon as possible, or else they will be slaves to the first family and their close friends.

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