Sudan military ruler lifts state of emergency imposed since last year’s coup

Sudan’s military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on Sunday issued a decree lifting the state of emergency, seven months after its imposition in October 2021. #Sudan #SouthSudan #Africa #WhisperEyeNews

On October 25, al-Burhan dissolved the civilian transitional government and the empowerment removal committee suspending a series of political and economic reforms and preparations for elections.

The coup opened the door for political instability following the detention of FFC leaders and the killing of civilian protesters. Also, it triggered the suspension of international support and re-emergence of Islamists who voiced their support for the junta.

Upon a recommendation by the Security and Defence Council, the Sovereign Council issued a statement announcing the lift of the state of emergency.

“In order to create a conducive environment for a fruitful and meaningful dialogue that achieves stability during the transitional period, the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lt Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, today issued a decree lifting the state of emergency throughout the country, a short statement released on Sunday evening.

Also, the security service released some 125 political detainees two hours after months of arbitrary detention under the state of emergency.

Rehab Mubarak a member of the Emergency Lawyers group told the Sudan Tribune that “the security forces and the police released 125 protest leaders,” held in several prisons and detention facilities across the country on Sunday night.

Mubarak added that a detainee remains held in Al-Huda prison in the capital, Khartoum as he faces criminal charges.

The trilateral mechanism facilitating a dialogue aiming to restore the civilian-led transition several times stressed the need to create a suitable atmosphere and called for the release of political detainees, a lift of the state of emergency and the end of violence against protesters.

Also, Sudan’s former ruling coalition Forces for Freedom and Change made a similar request.

Last April, al-Burhan stated that he had directed the competent authorities to keep some provisions related to the economic and security situation after the lift of the state of emergency.

The Security and Defence Council in its statement said the lift of the state of emergency should not contradict laws related to security issues or criminal law.

The Resistance Committees, according to their weekly timetable, plan several local protests in the three cities of the capital before a unified march to the presidential place on June 2.

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