“Create breastfeeding centers for mothers.” Speaker Among tells employers

Parliament is considering coming up with laws that make it mandatory for workplaces to have lactation rooms for mothers and caretakers. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #News

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among made this revelation this evening as she joined a group of legislators and staff of Parliament at the breastfeeding Centre to celebrate the 4th birthday of Abdul Jawad Alionzi, son to Obongi Woman MP Zumura Maneno.

Speaking at the event, the Speaker called upon other work spaces to emulate the example of Parliament to create a safe breastfeeding area for mothers, so that their careers do not get affected by the challenges that come with child birth.

‘’ Regardless of the size of your company, it’s to our advantage to help new mothers transition back to work after maternity leave and this can best be done by creating safe and clean spaces for breastfeeding mothers and caretakers.’’ She said.

She applauded staff attached to the facility for the noble work they do and tasked the Human Resource Department of Parliament to ensure that these staff are well taken care of.

Parliament established the breastfeeding Centre to ensure that members of Parliament and staff are able to do their work while their children are in a safe and conducive space.

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