Trailer accident makes motorists spend a night in Arua traffic jam, cars heading to DRC stranded

Arua district cut off from supplies after a heavy accident in Bondo town.

Whisper Eye reports has confirmed heavy traffic jam for cars heading to DRC through Arua District.

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Most traders heading to DRC from Uganda have been stranded for 48 hours without no pass through.

Hundreds of motorists and passengers have spent since Friday on the road following a traffic snarl-up along the Arua, Bondo road.

A trailer accident on the narrow road near Bondo town forced motorists to overlap thereby occasioning 48 hours of jam on the stretch.

Yesterday a truck was involved in an accident that has left hundreds of travelers mainly buses, food trucks, and saloon cars stranded.

The situation has paralyzed transport in the area.

“They left the cars and went to find food in Bondo town. Heavy traffic” said Mariah when asked what drivers are up to.

At the current time, Arua has been cut off from supplies due to the accident wreckage.

Area police initiated to us that everything is being done to clear the way for traffic to flow, however, it wasn’t short to warn motorists planning to use the same route to be very patient and they should expect serious delays.

Accidents on the highways have also left many Ugandans dead while more are hospitalized with millions of shillings worth of hospital bills racked up as a result of the accidents.

Whisper Eye shall keep you updated.

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