Exclusive: USA Embassy backed poor youth movement rejects NRM appointments

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The Poor Youth Movement a predominantly ghetto and rural based poor youth Association which dominated youth and national politics from 2014 to 2017 vehemently rejects appointments to serve in the office of the NRM National Chairman who is H.E General Museveni Kaguta.

While the poor youth leaders all claim to have retired from politics, it’s believed that the group is still very active with structures across the country working closely with the US Embassy.

The group remains loyal to Former premier Amama Mbabazi even when he is working closely with President Museveni on Pan Africa Security and Defense Issues.

The poor youth’s topmost leader is known as Luzindana Adam Buyinza , claims to be a farmer in Kayunga and involved in subsistence farming while other leaders live in the USA with other leaders like Walusimbi Shakur off social media and general politics while Mr. Richard Kirekyankuba is into blogging and business, Isa Kato who continue to serve as national coordinator remains very active in politics but also in his tour and travel ventures, others like Ssempala Zaidi, Ben Ssebuguzi are very vocal and active on social media.

The acting Poor Youth secretary General Ben Ssebuguzi is largely involved in social media campaigns promoting President Museveni and most of the time glorifying Amama Mbabazi.

It’s not yet clear why Ben Ssebuguzi is leading whatsapp groups’ campaigns to promote Museveni but bastardizing NRM.

Sources say that Ben Ssebuguzi is a conduit for the poor youth Supreme Leader who has absolute powers over every single activity of the movement.

He has ultimate powers and gives final approvals on what must be said at any given time.

Ben Ssebuguzi continues to share only positive dossiers on president Museveni and he has never been dropped by Adam Luzindana Buyinza who has absolute powers of the group.

The retention of Ben Ssebuguzi in that sensitive position can be construed as a vote of trust in him by Group high Command members and group patron Amama Mbabazi.

On many groups, Ssempala Zaidi has always attacked NRM but not president Museveni while Isa Kato has used all his platforms to speak against the NRM and its leaders.

It’s believed that poor youth members only take orders on the express authorization of Buyinza yet poor youth members hardly get the opportunity to meet him being a very secretive and suspicious character.

They get orders from him through Isa Kato, Walusimbi Shakur,Ssempala, Kyobe, Kirekyankuba and Gumisiriza Allan.

Isa Kato being also from Kayunga has too much power in the group and he has always operated as a conduit and proxy for Buyinza.

Walusimbi Shakur who is believed to be a biological brother to Luzindana Adam Buyinza wields a lot of power and influence in the group.

Saddam Isma is another group member who is vocal and very senior in the ranks of the poor youth.

A prominent City Lawyer and is believed to be highly protective of the group leader.

He is one of those who brief him regularly, Fortunately, is also from kayunga just like many Influential leaders in poor youth movement..

This movement has historical roots from Makerere University having started as Makerere University Poor students Association led by Adam Buyinza and Ssekigude Anwari.

This explains why Kategere Thomas remains extremely powerful in the ranks of the poor youth movement.

Some members assert that Kategere is one of the very few poor youths who have direct access to the group’s supreme Leader.

Kategere was LC5 Chairman Kamuli district and also served as poor youth spokesperson.

Kirekyankuba is another very few leaders and members of poor youth with access to Buyinza and despite his radical stance, he has remained in the good books of Adam.

Other notable and prominent leaders of the poor youth movement like Kyobe Adam who is also from Kayunga and always share dossiers promoting operations Wealth Creation chief coordinator Gen Salim Saleh.

He has never been dropped from the movement by Buyinza and our sources indicate that Kyobe was approved by the group spiritual Leader Buyinza to carry on the task.

The likes of Musa Mukasa are the radicals in the group and are believed to be from Kayunga.

The group seems to have been built on the foundation of violence and community based recruitment.

They have mastered the art of indoctrination.

No one knows who they serve for now since some of its leaders like Buyinza Adam went underground and were hardly seen in social political gatherings, and only a few of his poor youth colleagues know where to find him.

He however appears in high-end hotels sometimes while sharing photos that he is in his garden in Kayunga.

Just like his mentor Amama Mbabazi, Buyinza Adam has been too secretive but also so canning that few know much about the real Buyinza.

It’s not yet clear if the poor youth movement works for Museveni now,or if it’s working for foreign powers.

Hassan Sserujogi who served as poor youth national coordinator is now a prominent businessman but also working very closely with the president H.E Museveni while Mr. Gumisiriza Allan is into Bitcoin and evangelism.

The poor youth movement remain a mystery just like it’s Supreme Leader Buyinza Adam and it’s patron Amama Mbabazi.

The group is also believed to be patronized by Museveni himself considering the sophisticated nature of assignments they handle through Former Premier Amama Mbabazi.

It’s not well established what exactly the poor youth movement leaders do for president Museveni or the USA Government but the sophisticated nature of their operations is something one need to study.

Shakur Walusimbi who claims to be a born again Faith Pastor a few months back declared that he will run for president of Uganda come 2026 and to date Buyinza or other leaders of the group have never condemned this nor have they dropped him from there so called high command but Shakur would, later on, meet president Museveni at Nakasero state Lodge.

Amama Mbabazi Pro Youth Group reject appointments in Office of NRM National Chairman.

Here is a full statement issued by Poor Youth High Command.

Appointments in the office of the National Chairman NRM

On behalf of the NRM Poor Youth and our supreme Leader Chairman Luzindana Adam Buyinza, we reject the appointment of our leader as Secretary External affairs- Office of the National Chairman.

Mr. Sewava never consulted our Leader, we feel it’s prudent, ethical, and professional before appointing a person of the personality of Chairman Adam to seek his consent which the appointing person never did. In addition, even if Mr. Luzindana consented to the appointment, we as the “High Command” of the Poor Youth Movement reject the appointment because our Supreme Leader is subjected to the High Command.

However, the Poor Youth Movement will continue working with all actors, state and non state to improve the livelihoods of the poor, to be a voice to the voiceless, to use covert and overt approaches to mobilize the youth of Uganda from poverty to prosperity, from ignorance to access to information.

Our Supreme Leader as of now is not in politics, he’s busy building his business empire which had collapsed, because of intrigue, malice, and character assassination from bad guys who wanted him back to zero. Comrade Sewava and others we shall support your cause in other areas if involved towards building and securing a better Uganda.

God bless Uganda,

Shakur Walusimbi
Decorated by H.E General Museveni as an NRM Young Historical.
Founding Member of the Ugandร  Poor Youth Movement & Secretary of the High Command ( Poor Youth Movement)

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