Top Story: Ugandans praise Dr Kizza Besigye, Walter Mukaaku for making a wake-up call a reality as commodity price increases

The four-times Ugandan presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye yesterday was arrested and detained together with his driver Fred and Mr. Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku at Naggalama Police station for demonstrating against the increasing prices of commodities mainly fuel. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

Besigye and team hoodwinked the Uganda Police and entered Kampala’s central business district at Arua Park, and Mini price where they were arrested and detained.

Currently, the liter of Petrol and diesel range from 5,500/= to 6,000/=, to make matters worse at some petrol stations diesel costs the same price as petrol or higher.

Besigye and other opposition forces under their political formation The PTF (Red Card Front) declared national protests to force president Museveni’s government to react to the increasing commodity prices.

Many Ugandans who are directly affected by the hiked prices have appreciated Dr. Kizza Besigye and Mr. Mukaaku for standing up amidst intimidation, and torture from president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government.


A video as Kizza Besigye was protesting in Kasanagati

Since last year Dr. Besigye and the PTF have been mobilizing Ugandans across the country to fight the NRM government.

Chemba a political activist said “A fighter who never gives up on us even when we annoy him, he is a father who will never seat down when his children are hungry”.

Yesterday Kizza Besigye was charged with inciting violence, he denied the charges and he was granted a cash bail of 30 million Uganda shillings, through his lawyer Erias Lukwago, Kizza Besigye refused the bail terms and opted to go on remand and appeal the bail terms.

He said ” Buganda Rd Court, where I’ve been charged with “inciting violence”, has just granted me cash bail of Shs 30m! I consider this an extension of the injustices I’ve faced for long. I’ve asked my lawyers to appeal it as I endure remand. All Ugandans should stand firm Vs injustices”.

By press time Former FDC leader now TPF leader had instructed his lawyers to successfull appeal in the higher court not to set a bad precedent for political activists in the future.

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