How MP Dr. Abed Bwanika defeated finance minister Matia Kasaija, influencing Parliament to crush the controversial Uganda Vinci coffee agreement

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On 12th-April, Dr. Abed Bwanika, the Shadow Minister of Agriculture raised an issue of national importance in parliament regarding the fraudulent agreement that Uganda through the Minister of finance Matia Kasaija had entered with a private Company called Uganda Vinci Coffee Ltd which sought to give the company monopoly over Uganda’s coffee.

Kimanya – Kabonera legislator Dr. Abed Bwanika made such superb submissions that attracted the support of all members of parliament from both sides of the house.

A committee of parliament was then set up to investigate the said contract.

The revelations were shocking including the fact that a certain member of the first family was the person behind this evil deal that sought to render Ugandan coffee farmers “slaves” in Abed’s words. Finance Minister Matia Kasaija was shamelessly exposed in the process.

The committee weathered all manner of intimidation and a report was successfully tabled on the floor of parliament recommending the cancelation of the said Kasaija agreement.

“This is the first time that I have seen Parliament stand firm together including MPs from the ruling party: National Resistance Movement (NRM). We mobilized seriously until we defeated the fraudulent agreement,” says Dr. Abed Bwanika.

“We can not accept our farmers becoming slaves for a person who has no coffee or ever tried to grow coffee. Any coffee agreement signed or business must be in the hands of Uganda’s coffee farmers,” he added.

On Wednesday 18 May 2022, Parliament unanimously voted to cancel the controversial coffee agreement saving Ugandans of monopoly on its “heritage” as Dr. Abed rightly put it.

Many Ugandans have appreciated the opposition leadership in parliament under Rt. Hon. Mathias Mpuuga but most importantly salute the Hon. Dr. Abed Bwanika, the Shadow Minister of Agricultural for a job well done, for it’s not every day that an opposition-led issue is given maximum support from the NRM-dominated house.

Now the question is what is next for Uganda Vinci Coffee Company limited after parliament crushed the agreement signed with the Uganda government.

We shall keep you posted.

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