Exclusive Video: Need Karamoja coordinator Chero Emmanuel claims 462 people killed in Karamoja manyata bombings, Kabuleta insists perpetrators will be brought to books

The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) Karamoja region coordinator Mr. Chero Emmanuel reveals how hundreds of Karamoja are killed in the sub region in what he called a ‘silent genocide’. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Karamoja

While addressing the press conference at Bugoloobi, NEED head offices in Kampala yesterday , Mr Chero almost cried while digging into details of how innocent Karamojas are killed and nobody is caring.

Mr. Chero told journalists that the helicopters burnt a number of Manyatas in Nangolol Apolon in Lotisan Sub County and Nakabaat, Rupa Sub County in Moroto, and at least about 462 people were killed.

“Helicopters burnt many manyatas in Karamoja region and over 462 people where killed,” says Mr Chero.

“That woman in the picture had nine children and she was killed together with her three children,” Mr Chero explained while presenting a picture of the woman killed to journalists.

Exclusive Video: Need Karamoja coordinator Chero Emmanuel claims 462 people killed in Karamoja manyata bombings

To make matters worse, Mr Chero said that they have tried to call for government help but it is like the government is not ready to stop instabilities in the Karamoja sub region.

NEED president Mr Kabuleta Kiiza Joseph told Whisper Eye News that according to their investigations from Karamoja, the government intends to reduce the population to ease gold mining.

“It is unfortunate that the government has failed to provide security to the people of Karamoja, who want grazing grass and water to feed thier cattle, not even gold,” he said.

“We have evidence of a number of atrocities happening now in Karamoja. The first step we have brought it in light for everyone to know as they say ‘Democracy dies in darkness. The perpetrators of this ‘silent genocide’ must be brought to books,” says Kabuleta.

Kabuleta said that unless Ugandans are economically empowered, peace will never prevail, and this can only be achieved by overthrowing Mr Museveni’s government which has completely failed to alleviate poverty in Uganda.

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