Security forces combine to arrest Kizza Besigye as he attempted to leave his home

Four time presidential candidate rt col Dr @kizzabesigye1 has this morning been arrested by the security forces as he tried to leave his home to go to the streets to demonstrate against the spiking prices for goods and services. #Uganda #UgandaNews

Besigye has for the past week been under house arrest as Police intercepted his plans to rise up the population (civil disobedience) against the government which he accuses of negligence amidst the galloping inflation.

Besigye has for long been calling up Ugandans to join him in the struggle to liberate the country which he says was captured by Gen Museveni and his family.

It’s not yet clear where Besigye will be taken as by press time, he was still locked up in the police van.

Uganda just like many other countries across the world has been facing a crisis of rising prices for goods and services that has left the citizens worried and unable to afford some of the essential commodities.

Yesterday President Museveni addressed the nation where he attributed the rising prices to the war in Ukraine and Covid 19 that disrupted the supply chain.

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