Exclusive Video: How Kampala City tycoon Ntaganda is at it again, planned a foiled attempt to arrest Apollo Kaggwa

Kampala-based tycoon Ephraim Ntaganda popular for land scandals in Uganda is at it again but this time with the legendary Apollo Kaggwa the proprietor of Apollo Kaggwa Primary School. #UgandaNews #Uganda #WhisperEyeNews

It is alleged that Mr Ntaganda has now procured the services of a senior police commander KMP Stephen Tanui to handle his latest venture, according to our sources inside Uganda Police.

The source told Whisper Eye News that on Friday, over 20 uniformed and non-uniformed operatives stormed the residence of Dr. Apollo Kaggwa in an attempt to arrest him at his Muyenga residence, only to be saved by the IGP who rang the officer in charge of the operation and ordered him to withdraw

Exclusive Video: How Kampala City tycoon Ntaganda is at it again, planned a foiled attempt to arrest Apollo Kaggwa

Dr. Kagwa had earlier lodged a complaint to the police following threats on his life by Ntaganda and the file had been called to police headquarters. Surprisingly, the KMP ignored the letters and sent officers to arrest Dr. Kagwa.

Mr. Ntaganda has previously been involved in land disputes and is accused of land grabbing including government wetlands and carrying out illegal evictions of hundreds of residents.

“He is a go to executioner of dirty dealings when it comes to land matters with a network that involves land registrars, police officers the tycoon is unwavering swift and sly when it is needed most,” says the source.

“It has to be remembered that he grabbed land from KCCA which was earmarked to house a dispensary along Nkrumah land,” the source added.

Mr Ntaganda has been accused of using his network to evade taxes and secure police bonds in no time according to the source.

Recently Mr Ntaganda was involved in one of his ploy to grab land in Entebbe City. The malignant schemer slippered away from Entebbe cells in the night after his deal had turned bad.

Through his Prestigious Apartments Limited, with former education commissioner Mr. John Agaba and Uganda Land Commission, Ntaganda had connived to obtain a lease for two hectares of land without the consent of the school management at Nakasero Primary School.

With help from unscrupulous people at Uganda Land Commission, Mr Ntaganda carved out 34A1 and 5C of Plot 34A that housed part of the school.

Environment activists have condemned Mr. Ntaganda for his illegal activities of encroaching on Wetlands.

“He wants to rid the city of any green vegetation starting with wetlands that he confesses to not have any use yet the space can be put to better use by brick and mortar,” the source added.

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