MP Shartsi Kuteesa urges Women to embrace and cascade the Parish Development Model program to fight poverty

Shartsi Musherure Kuteesa yesterday called upon residents of greater Masaka to embrace the Parish development mode -PDM with a call on the Women leaders and groups among other stakeholders, to take up the mantle of cascading the program to the grassroots. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda

The daughter of a Former powerful minister and long-serving MP Hon Sam Kuteesa said that the PDM program will thrive only if Women at different levels, appreciate the Government’s intention of alleviating household poverty and changing their mindset toward commercial farming from the subsistence farming.

The MP’s comments followed numerous questions raised by Women leaders, who expressed doubt over whether the program will attain its intended objectives.

Speaking at a visit she made in Bukomansimbi through her initiative Team goberera, Women leaders like Fatuma Ojeege asked her also to open boundaries of Mawaogola and Semababule and channel her support towards them.

Women leaders in Bukomansimbi expressed worry that the program, will likely not achieve its intended purpose, of improving the livelihoods of women in Uganda.

They said that there are still women, who still believe that the funds being disbursed under the PDM program, are a presidential token to the electorate.

However, in response, MP Shartsi observed that the NRM government thoughtfully structured and designed the PDM program, under 7pillars in order to address the challenges of the previous programs that didn’t perform to its expectations.

MP Kuttesa with some of the Women leaders in Bukomasimbi

She added that the design of the PDM is that the program, is only targeting the 39 percent subsistent poor Ugandans, to propel them into a money economy.

The National Communications Assistant of the office of the National Chairman National Resistance Movement (NRM) , Eng Sewaava Mukasa, noted that the government has continued to fight household poverty among its residents, adding that in the last 10years, Ugandans who were below the Poverty line stood at 70 percent, and the percentage has since been lowered up 39 percent, who are now also being targeted under the Parish Development Model.

He commended the government for initiating the PDM program, as an approach for organizing and delivering public and private sector intervention for wealth and employment generation at the parish level as the lowest economic planning level.

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