“Your insights about the UPDF, my father and I do not matter, concentrate on your small collapsing party.” Gen Muhoozi blasts Gen Muntu

First son who also doubles as the Commander of Land Forces of the UPDF Lt Gen Muhoozi @mKainerugaba has come out to pour cold water onto the former Army Commander Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu saying that the insights, advice, and opinions of the ANT leader about the UPDF no longer matter at all. #UgandaNews #WhisperEyeNews

Muhoozi was answering back to Gen Muntu who was advising him to tell his father to retire him from the army if he want to do politics. Muntu’s point was that the army as an institution was built on blood and sacrifices and thus it needs to be respected by any officer who want to engage on politics.

Muntu added that it is clear Gen Muhoozi wants to engage in partisan politics and thus as a professional soldier, he should, first of all, retire from the army and do his politics because he has a right to.

However, Gen Muhoozi didn’t take the advice of Muntu lightly answering back to the 2-star General telling him to concentrate on his ‘small collapsing political party’.

“General Greg, first of all, habari ya siku mingi sana? I hope you are well? Secondly, me, my father and practically everybody else in UPDF does not require your ‘Insight’ into anything. Please keep it for yourself and your small collapsing political party.” Muhoozi wrote on his official Twitter handle.

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