“It wasn’t me!!” Mwenda defends self over allegations of sexually harassing Sheebah

Seasoned journalist, Andrew M. Mwenda has defended himself over allegations that he was the man that sexually abused singer Sheebah Karungi. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaLatestNews #UgandaNews

On Monday, Sheebah posted a video on social, seething and revealed a top official tried to take advantage of her after she was hired to perform at his show.

As she waited in the car, the top official came, opened the car door and he started illegal touches.

People started speculating until Bad Black disclosed that it was former VP Gilbert Bukenya who tried to wire Sheebah.

On her Facebook page, Bad Black said Sheebah was paid 5m to perform two songs at Bukenya’s birthday.

Another person made claims that it was Andrew Mwenda who tried to take advantage of Sheebah during Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday celebrations at Cricket Oval – Lugogo.

A furious Mwenda went to his Facebook timeline where he said that he has never in his life met Sheebah and had never even heard of her until this video came out and allegations made against him.

When the allegations came out, Mwenda expected Sheebah to tell his followers that he was wrongfully accused and instead she kept quiet.

After five days he deliberately contacted her via WhatsApp asking her to clarify that he has never met her. She ignored his messages, didn’t pick his calls, and claimed it was her “management” reading messages.

Andrew Mwenda has advised Sheebah to go public and expose the indisciplined top official or to open the case at police instead of taking matters on social media for sympathy.