The return of the lion, Kizza Besigye declares protest against Museveni government

With the return of the lion, Kizza Besigye declares protest against the Museveni-led government. WhisperEyeNews

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Rtd col Dr. Kizza Besgiye has declared new protests against the ruling NRM government.

In a press brief early this morning, the four-time presidential candidate decried the high rising cost of living in the country.

According to Besigye, there is no turning down otherwise the country will be declared a failed state.

He gave an example of Uganda having 88 ministries compared to the USA which has only 15 ministers.

Holding placards calling for the reduction of high costs of living and some other cards showing red card notes, Kizza Besigye called for an action to awaken Ugandans that have lost hope, he appealed to Ugandans to wake up and put up the demand to the NRM government.

He referred to the current expenditure of the NRM government on the ADF war in DR C as wasteful expenditure by the NRM government that has led to the unnecessary high cost of taxes to maintain a huge burden.

He also spoke about the succession of the new led Muhoozi Project which he decried and noted that Ugandans needs change not inhertance of the governance.

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