” Bobi Wine is Museveni’s agent planted to destroy the reputable opposition.”, claims Tamale Mirundi

Former Presidential Press Secretary Mr. Tamale Mirundi has come out to say that NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi is an agent of the regime who was planted in the opposition to suppress the original reputable opposition that was trying to oust Gen Museveni out of power. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda #UgandaNews

Mirundi says he was disappointed with Mr. Frank M. Gashumba who is opening the eyes of Ugandans by telling them that the current opposition is #ekiwaana ( not real) because this may make people wake up and start up a headless revolution that can easily cause problems for the regime.

“Bobi Wine is our own. He knows this. He was planted there to distort the real opposition. ” Mirundi said

Mirundi adds that it’s only the blind that cannot see that Kyagulanyi works for Museveni in whatever he does. He cited an example of how Kyagulanyi, unlike Besigye, is acting so calm not even daring to start up protests to put the government under pressure.

Bobi wine and his party are under constant artillery bombardment from Mr. Gahsumba who has vowed to expose all the rot and hypocrisy of the current opposition alleging that these are state agents hoodwinking Ugandans that they are in a struggle to end Gen Museveni’s 40-year rule.

No comment has been captured from Bobi Wine or his agents however sources close to former Kyadondo East MP have rubbished such talks as being diversionary from what they call state agents.

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