“Oh, you want to demonstrate, go to Kololo Airstrip, don’t take your nonsense to the streets”, says President Museveni

A furious President Museveni has warned all those planning to demonstrate for whatever reason to simply go to Kololo Airstrip to show their dissatisfaction over anything they want. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda

Museveni says no one should dare take the ‘nonsense’ to the streets because this will be countered by the security forces by any means possible.

Museveni says the army and the police are strong enough to neutralize any form of riots that are aimed at undermining the existence of the state and thus no one has the capacity to disturb the peace of Uganda.

He adds that the reason why there are no UN (peacekeepers) troops in the country is simply because the NRM government has managed to restore peace and security.

For long Ugandans have been using street demonstrations as a sign to unleash their dissatisfaction over certain things in the country ranging from political to economical issues.

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