Mpigi district Woman MP Teddy Nambooze donates borehole to Mpigi residents

Mpigi Woman MP Teddy Nambooze donated a mechanized borehole to a community that has been grappling with lack of adequate clean and safe water. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda #Water

Malube-Nalubugo community in Lugyo parish of Muduuma Sub-County in Mpigi received one mechanized borehole from the Woman Member of Parliament (MP) for Mpigi district Teddy Nambooze at a ceremony which took place at Malube village.

The borehole was drilled and financed by the MP with support from Speranta Television in Romania and Jen Mandachi Foundation through Mr. Ankunda John K the Director, A Future for Orphans Uganda in a bid to solve the problem of insufficient water supply to the people and their families who reside in the area.

In a letter addressed to the local authorities, Hon Teddy Nambooze who was represented by her Political Assistant Mr Mugonza Andrew, stated that; “Water is the most crucial aspect of life at levels of consumption and as a factor for production but this water should be safe to enable our people gets rid of water-borne diseases which have maintained many families in poverty” adding that “With this project, we’re applying a multi-response approach to various challenges. We call upon the leadership and the entire community to ensure proper usage and routine maintenance of this borehole.”

A Future for Orphans Uganda director Mr. Ankunda John thanked the residents for voting a resilient MP hailing Hon Teddy Nambooze for being a good servant thus informing the residents that there are many projects that are still underway all aiming at providing residents access to adequate potable clean and safe water.

Ms. Nabulya Josephine, the vice-chairperson of Malube-Nalubugo LC1 said that the borehole is expected to serve over two thousand (2,000) residents in the area thanking the MP for the support by donating a borehole for the community to have access to potable water.

She gave the assurance that the borehole will be maintained and put into good use regularly.

The Political Assistant to hon Teddy Nambooze, Mr. Mugonza Andrew said , “that the launched borehole is under Hon Nambooze’s big project” “Omukyala n’Amazzi Amayonjo” which intends to increase clean and safe water coverage in the district.

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