“Muhoozi will be on the ballot paper in 2026 by all means”, says MP David Kabanda

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Kasambya County MP Hon David Kabanda a pro-Muhoozi supporter has come out to say that his favorite presidential candidate for the 2026 polls is the Commander of Land Forces of the National Resistance Army Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba whom he expects to take power from his father that same year.

Kabanda says there is nothing in this world that is going to stop Gen Muhoozi from appearing on the ballot paper and thus all his haters should start shedding tears early because the son of Kaguta has matured and is ready to steer the country to further development.

Kabanda says as Muhoozi supporters, they expect the NRM historicals not to support Gen Muhoozi but that is ok because they have no capacity to sabotage his presidential ambitions.

Kabanda also added that the birthday celebrations were simply the tip of the iceberg but Muhoozi even has more support from so many Ugandans who wish to have him as their next Commander in chief.

Gen Muhoozi is not shy about his ambitions and now its very evident he will seek election as presidency come 2026.

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