Those in the opposition pretending to be fighting for the oppressed are busy making weddings and birthday parties. Politicians are the same.” Frank M. Gashumba

Known public speaker Mr Frank Gashumba has no kind words for Ugandan politicians whom he threw in the same basket of pretense when it comes to fooling Ugandans. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

Gashumba says its so absurd that those pretending to be fighting for the poor oppressed Ugandans are instead spending lavishly on wedding and birthday parties and there after go on radios, tvs and social media telling the world how Uganda is bleeding.

Gashumba says that it’s high time the oppressed Ugandans knew that no politician is fighting for them but instead all politicians are looking for avenues to amass wealth to feed their families.

He says that it’s not right for the opposition politicians to attack Gen Muhoozi for making a lavish birthday party because they have also in the past been acting the same way.

“How can you say you’re in the struggle yet we see you making baby showers, weddings, birthday parties. What kind of struggle is that?” Gashumba said

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