Singer Ronald Mayinja tells Gen Museveni to leave power in a new song titled ‘abantu baganye.’

Controversial musician Ronald Mayinja who sang Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ‘s 2021 campaign song ‘Mzee Akalulu’ has made a surprising U-turn telling the NRA commander to step down as President of Uganda citing feedback from the General public who is allegedly tired of his Presidency. #WhisperEyeNews

In the song, Mayinja says he has traversed the whole country but what remains as a constant is that people want Gen Museveni to end his 3 decade rule and allow someone new to take on the top seat in the country.

In the lyrics , Mayinja says even with the good General Museveni has done, people are nolonger appreciating anything from him anymore because he broke the trust Ugandans had in him.

Mayinja also says that in the process of trying to popularize Gen Museveni’s achievements in the country, people also turned against him seeing him as a traitor and a money hungry person trying to fool the public that Museveni is the only person worth being President of this country.

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