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Mpigi district Woman MP Hon Teddy Nambooze spent a day in Mawokota South Constituency, giving out high-quality maize seeds to local agricultural groups, Sacco’s, and individuals while equipping them with modern farming practices to boost maize harvests as the planting season gets around the clock.

Centers were held at Sub County headquarters across Mawokota South starting with Buwama Town Council, Buwama Sub County, Nkozi Sub County, Kayabwe Town Council, and completed the activity at Kituntu Sub County headquarters.

“Let us follow the advice of our agricultural officers so as to increase harvests. Don’t sell these seeds but rather plant them when the season starts, look after them, and then wait to sell after harvesting” said MP Nambooze adding, “For better results, I have a team that’s ready to supervise your gardens and we shall need weekly reports about the progress of our Maize Project”

Buwama Town Council District Councillor Mr. Masajjage Stephen appreciated Hon Nambooze and tasked the beneficiaries to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to increase their harvests.

The Sub County Chairperson of Buwama Sub County Mr. Kasule Frank who won on the National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket appreciated hon Nambooze for uniting her constituents regardless of their political parties.

Nkozi Subcounty’s Chairperson Mr. Bbuye Francis hailed the Hon Nambooze for her effective legislation.

Maize farmers have requested MP Nambooze to lobby for more seeds to help them increase the quantity of their production.

Farmers also told MP Nambooze the increased prices of pesticides and herbicides as a liter of herbicides ranges from 25,000/= to 40,000/= depending on the area’s proximity to the Masaka Highway.

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