“Hudu Hussein is just politically excited.” Lord Mayor Lukwago

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“Hudu Hussein is just politically excited.” Lukwago.

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Kampala Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago has come out to term the Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Hudu Hussein as just a politically excited person who is trying to assert his authority on the people of Kampala against their will.

Lukwago’s words come at a time when Hussein gave Kampala street vendors a five day ultimatum to vacate the City’s streets so as to bring about order and sanity to the city.

According to Lukwago, Hussein and the government he serves only aim at chasing the poor out of Kampala because as a government, they would have first planned to gazette areas where to relocate the vendors.

Lukwago adds that Hussein doesnot have the actual numbers of the street vendors in Kampala and thus he is telling lies that they can fit in the few markets in Kampala.

“He is just excited like how Jennifer Musisi was. How can you plan for a certain category of people when you do not know their exact number. That is rubbish. ” Lukwago ranted

Lukwago adds that the problem of Kampala originates from the poor governance of Uganda that has made so many people poor and thus they come to the streets to forge a living.

Lukwago and Hussein have been at logger heads on so many occasions with both parties trying to prove to the other that they are in control of the city.

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