Wounded ADF rebels run in bizarre to Mt Rwenzori for safety

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Wounded ADF rebels run in bizarre to Mt Rwenzori for safety

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The UPDF and DRC troops have continued to register more success in their campaign to completely mop out the ADF rebels in Eastern Congo.

Through the use of artillery, airstrikes and other modern warfare tactics by the ground troops, the UPDF which has inflicted heavy casualties on the side of the ADF has forced the rebels to seek refuge in the mountains of Rwenzori.

According to the commander of the UPDF operation Shuja Gen Muhanga, he says the ADF days are numbered and within a very short time, they will all be forced to surrender because that is their only option left.

” We have seriously wounded them, most of them have run away with serious injuries. We are still pursuing them wherever they will go.” He said

Recently, the UPDF troops also managed to arrest one of the ADF commanders Benjamin Kisokoronio as he was crossing back to DRC from Burundi.

Last week Thursday, 63 ADF rebels surrendered willingly to the UPDF after their camp was surrounded 67 miles from the Ugandan border.

The campaign to destroy the ADF started after the rebels attacked Uganda by use of sucide bombers killing numbers and wounding others.

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