NUP welcome USA sanctions on UPDF Gen Kandiho

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NUP welcome USA sanctions on UPDF Gen Kandiho .

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Yesterday the US government issued economic sanctions onto Uganda Peoples Defense Forces senior officer, the Chief of Military intelligence Abel Kandiho.

The embattled CIM boss has joined the list of those serving commercial and financial penalties applied by the US government due to his involvement in the violation of human rights by the security organ he commands.

Uganda’s leading opposition political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) has welcomed these sanctions against Maj general Adel Kandiho.

A statement issued by the UPDF spokesperson Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso yesterday complained about how the US government reached the decision without a “fair hearing” from the UPDF and the Ugandan government.

However, NUP secretary-general David Lewis Rukiri Rubongoya has appreciated the US government laughing at UPDF officials for ranting against the US decision.

“It is most ironic that the military regime now claims to know about ‘due process and ‘fair hearing’. I thought they didn’t know about these concepts,” says SG Rubongoya.

“The same regime has denied its victims these rights with impunity, held them incommunicado, tortured them, and suffocated the courts to ensure they get no justice,” he explained.

He said that currently, hundreds of NUP supporters are rotting in jails, never having an opportunity to appear before a judge.

“And now that one of their own is affected, they have remembered that laws matter? How sad. Anyway, I believe this gives every aggrieved Ugandan a signal that the wheels of justice may come slow, but they grind just fine. One step at a time,” said Mr Rubongoya.

Political analysts say that the US decision to issue economic sanctions against the CIM boss has revealed how president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government is becoming very unpopular internationally.

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