Why PM Mayiga spoke strong on arrested Baganda charged for vending Nsenene on Uganda Airlines

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Why Buganda PM Charles Peter Mayiga spoke strong on the arrested Baganda charged for vending Nsenene on Uganda Airlines

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Buganda premier minister Charles Peter Mayiga has strongly defended two youthful Baganda charges for vending Nsenene on Uganda Airline.

Owek. Mayiga in an exclusive interview with Whisper Eye, said that he has witnessed many transactions between passengers on board in different Airlines.

“I fail to understand the fuss about Paul Mubiru vending nseenene on a Uganda Airlines flight to Dubai. All airlines vend lots of things in-flight,” says Owek. Mayiga.

“I have witnessed passengers doing forex exchange transactions on board many times. It’s common to see passengers carry their own food onto the plane – which is cleared by the ground crew,” Owek. Mayiga vehemently stated.

Many people have back Katikkiro Mayiga’s position claiming that Mr Paul Mubiru and Hajib Kiggundu committed no crime to vend grasshoppers on Uganda Airlines.

“Travelers on buses always vend food and other items. If the carrier disapproves of vending they should simply state so – otherwise those who bought the insects appreciate their taste,” PM Mayiga explained.

“Mubiru could be adept at salesmanship. No need to stir up a storm in a tea cup,” he said.

Charles Peter Mayiga was born in 1962, is a Ugandan lawyer, cultural leader and author.

He is the current Katikkiro (Prime Minister) in the government of Buganda, a constitutional monarchy in present-day Uganda.

He was appointed to that position by the reigning Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda, in May 2013, replacing Engineer John Baptist Walusimbi.

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