UPDF VS ADF: Why UPDF may be harshly defeated in DRC by an invisible enemy

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Why UPDF may be harshly defeated in DRC by an invisible enemy.

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Early this week, the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF), in a joint operation with DR Congo forces, launched a series of aerial strikes against ADF militants in DRC.

Just after a few days, the UPDF halted the operation on accusations of poor roads due to heavy rainfall in Kivu province.

Maj Peter Mugisha the spokesperson of the joint operation, on Friday confirmed to media in Bundibugyo that the UPDF and DRC forces halted the operation for one week.

It is alleged that UPDF forces miscalculated the operation, thus launching an expensive mission without a target.

Maj Mugisha told media that they launched a series of aerial strikes on ADF militants base in DR Congo but they have vacated their bases due to the strikes.

Currently despite heavy aerial strikes against ADF fighters no death is reported which raises a number of questions.

Experts in war, say that the UPDF might have suffered defeat in Congo for the first days.

They are also questioning the intelligence of UPDF to launch the operation before it was ready for the war.

“UPDF may be operating on false intelligence, you can not launch such an operation without a target and give an enemy a week to regroup and organize,” says the expert in war.

“It is hard to believe, those who are familiar with Northern Kivu province, you carry heavy trucks to navigate the province more so in a rainy season,” he added.

According to sources from Congo, UPDF heavy trucks can not navigate from main roads to inland roads leading to ADF militants camps.

It has been noted that despite Uganda’s open talk that it is targeting ADF , the truth is within their cord that it’s not the case.

The show of might force may be the biggest blow to the UPDF in another return to congo.

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