War!!!! 10,000 UPDF/NRA forces enter DRC territory to destroy ADF

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As reported earlier, the Ugandan army had atleast 7500 ground troops in DRC. As of today, the number has reached 10,000 as more troops were sent in to completely mop out the ADF once and for all.

The troops were also accompanied by more fighting equipment, including armored vehicles with the locals on the DRC border witnessing a long march of troops and advance reckon war Military equipment entering Congo territory.

“At around 4pm, we saw another Ugandan army column cross,” freelance journalist Tony Kitambala said at the Nobili border post.
“They’re in armour-plated vehicles, and there are also water tankers.” He added

Ugandan soldiers were first seen crossing there into North Kivu province on Tuesday, hours after their armed forces launched air and artillery strikes from Ugandan territory.

According to Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga who is the head of the operation code-named ‘Shujja’, he said a lot of air force and artillery will be used in this war to destroy the enemy camps and disrupt their plans.

He added that the first air and artillery strikes heavily damaged the enemy with information confirming that the enemy suffered heavy casualties.

He also added that a military base has been set just 18km from the Ugandan border which will be used in the tactical planning to completely destroy the enemy.

The ADF was historically a Ugandan rebel coalition whose biggest group comprised Muslims opposed to Ugandan President Museveni.

The group established itself in eastern DRC in 1995, later becoming the deadliest of scores of outlawed forces in the troubled region.

DR Congo’s Catholic Church says the ADF has killed around 6,000 civilians since 2013 while a respected monitor, the Kivu Security Tracker, blames it for more than 1,200 deaths in the area alone since 2017.

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