The Necessary Evil….”The Need to Put an End to ADF”

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NO sane being would want to exprience or even associate themselves with the negative inhuman activities of a terrorist group

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The Catholic Church in Congo has reported that the ADF has killed about 6,000 civilians since 2013.

US-based monitor the Kivu Security Tracker (KST) blames it for more than 1,200 deaths in the Beni area alone since 2017.

I hence see it prudent and just that for interest of international peace and security in DRC and neighboring countries ,these terror outfits (ADF) be put to an end so as to curb the continued killing thousands of people in cold blood,displacing thousands of families, recruiting children soldiers,raping women among other things.

Recently several terrorist attacks were carried out in Uganda in the months of October and November 2021 have been attributed to the ADF and its counterparts the Islamic State (ISIS)

The 16th day of November 2021, saw Kampala being rocked by twin bomb blasts which where excuted near the Central Police Station and parliament these left , 6 people confirmed dead of which two where identified to have been terrorists and injured 37 others.

This prompted the Ugandan army with its Congolese counterparts to launch Air and Artillery strikes against ADF bases in the DRC, which news was recieved by mixed reactions by the Uganda populace

Even though the UN charter prohibits use of force against territorial integrity of any state under Article (2(4) of the same charter Article (24,A(25),Chapter Vii (A51) grants powers to security council to allow or authorize collective action of use of force to achieve the primary goal of maintaining international peace and security.

It’s however important that during these joint operations,army groups from both countries must at all time prioritize protection of civilians and civilians property in DRC as required under International Humanitarian Law.

The ADF is a terrorist outfit group that was founded by Jamil Mukulu who was born a Christian but later converted to Islam is believed to be one of the deadliest terror groups that loom the forests of Congo

Formed in 1995 by a coalition of rebel forces – including the Uganda Muslim Liberation Army and the National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (NALU) – to fight against the Yoweri Museveni

ADF is currently divided into two factions one led by Musa Baluku which is pro ISIS and another faction that is pro Jamir Mukulu led by Dusman Sabuni.

Samanya Eunice

Lawyer,Human Rights Activist and Philanthropist

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