“Our behaviors in DRC have a rotten history, we hope for the better this time.” Peter Kibazo

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“Our behaviors in DRC have a rotten history, we hope for the better this time.” Peter Kibazo

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Veteran journalist Peter Kibazo has come out comment on the recent UPDF attacks in DRC in a campaign aimed at mopping out ADF activities in the region.

According to Kibazo, the last time the Ugandan army went to Congo, it misbehaved to the extent of overthrowing a full government and installing a leader of its own choice.

“When the UPDF crossed into Kisangani the first time, they said they had gone in hot in pursuit of the ADF. The UPDF went 3000KMs into DRC. We took down a government and installed a President.” Kibazo says

Kibazo adds that he is sympathizing with the innocent lives that have gone following the air and artillery strikes recently further adding that war has never been a solution to any misunderstanding between two camps.

“I want us to think about the lives of the innocent people who have been bombed in DR Congo. Let us not look at war as a cinema. ” He says

Kibazo also adds that it’s unfortunate the leaders are saying we are not at war yet it is clear by the fact that we have a Military presence outside our borders and secondly we are dropping missiles and bombs in what we call the enemy territory.

“You know the English language is very deceptive. People are saying we are not at war, then what are we doing? We are raining bombs into DR Congo. What is that?” He adds

Kibazo says Uganda as a country has a 13.5 billion dollar debt to pay as a result of the misconduct of our forces the last time we were in Congo and thus it would be in good spirit for the commanders to make sure that nothing of the sort happens again this time because the financial implication goes to the tax payer.

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