Govt to introduce law for mandatory covid 19 vaccination

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Govt to introduce law for mandatory covid 19 vaccination.

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Minister for Health, Hon Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero has come out to say that government is to introduce a law that will see Ugandans being subjected to a mandatory covid 19 vaccination as a means of curbing the dangerous virus.

Dr. Aceng said she will move a motion in parliament to see that the public health act is amended to include this section because it is evident that all Ugandans need to be vaccinated if Covid 19 is to be defeated.

“As cabinet we have a proposal to make some amendments in the public Health act with mandatory Covid 19 vaccination being one of them.” Aceng said

Dr Aceng adds that in the meantime, Ugandans should go and get vaccinated before the situation becomes tougher for them.

Sources within the Health Ministry told this media that government plans to block all unvaccinated people from accessing public services like free medical care, using public means of transport, as well as accessing a workplace by public servants.

In some countries like Germany and the Netherlands, unvaccinated people are not allowed to move from the homes with the Covid vaccination certificates a password to access the different services.

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