It is in Order for UPDF to neutralize ADF Camps of DRC without Parliament’s Approval

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By Akampa Tanbull.

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It is in Order for UPDF to naturalize ADF Camps in DRC without Parliament’s Approval

Well, a few days ago when Uganda launched artillery and aerial attacks on the ADF camps in DRC. There were several reactions from members of Parliament, Political analysts, and the general public.

It was a heated up debate in Parliament with some members of Parliament especially on the opposition side trying to assert and demand that UPDF/Minister of Defence/Cabinet should have sought Parliament’s approval to go and attack the enemy camps.

Those NRM lenient Members of Parliament like Hon David Kabanda even took the debate to social media asking who the ADF terrorists asked for approval from to attack Uganda in the past few weeks.

Whereas some of these Members of Parliament were right asking for what would be a substantial procedural step in as far as deploying our officers on foreign land to fight a Ugandan war.

Counsel Benjamin Katana says- this operation could have been inspired by actionable accurate intelligence, thus a surprise attack is a legendary war tactic that would be watered down by the bureaucracy of seeking approval and goes further ahead to say that now the attacks have already taken place, the necessary legal procedures should now be complied with.

It is fundamental to note that the Constitution allows UPDF under the orders of Commander In Chief(CIC) to deploy/sanction officers to war and later comes and briefs the Legislative arm of Government since this arm is a representative of the People and is supposed to bring checks and balance s between the other arms of Government.
This same clause gives Parliament powers to ask why UPDF never sought for approval.
However to me, Akampa, this clause renders Parliament not with a say when it comes to highly sophisticated overt and covert missions by UPDF because intelligence is strictly for security to handle not the peasants in Parliament.

However as a Country/ NRM or Patriotic Ugandans, we should deal with the arrogance of dismissing demands for compliance, this should stop henceforth because UPDF is a national army and is accountable to the People of Uganda.

Hon Kamugisha Kasim, NRM’s firebrand from Kabale districts notes that the demand for compliance is within our legal frameworks both the Constitution and the UPDF Act. The laws act reasonably in relation to the matter at hand. Therefore, Parliament Must exercise its powers on principle but where there are exceptions, then it should not be overridden or suffocated…this would otherwise render Parliament to be branded a dictator institution.

Me, AKAMPA as a concerned Citizen, I patiently wait for His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, the President of Uganda and Commander In Chief(CIC) of the security forces within and outside our motherland to give a brief/accountability that motivated UPDF attacks in DRC without Parliament’s approval.

Together we build a democratic Country Uganda that respects rule of law and justice for all human beings.

Actually, the same clause that Mandates parliament to be asked permission grants the Army permission to launch any attack for Uganda’s security, and then the Authority(CIC) Briefs parliament later.

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