Late Sheikh Kilevu’s two wives still missing since their arrest over a week ago

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Late Sheikh Kilevu’s two wives still missing since their arrest over a week ago.

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The family of the late Sheikh Abas Muhammad Kirevu is appealing to security agencies to release or produce in court his two wives and sister-in-law whose whereabouts still remain unknown ever since their arrest last week.

Kirevu who was Imam of Masjid Jamia Gangu and a resident of Gangu B in Busabala-Makindye Ssabagabo Division, Wakiso district, was shot dead by security two days after the twin bomb blasts in Kampala.

After his killing, six of Kirevu’s family members including children and their mothers were taken the next day after a house search that was conducted at his homes in Gangu and Nsangi. However, only three children were brought back on the same evening according to the family.

Ibrahim Abas Ayubu Kirevu a brother to the deceased says that Kirevu’s two wives Amina Nabadda and Sofia Nakacwa plus Mariam Najjuko, a sister in law to the family who had visited them two days before the raids are still missing.

Police claimed the deceased who was suspected of recruiting people for the Allied Democratic Front (ADF) rebels was killed after he violently tried to resist arrest. The government accuses ADF of orchestrating the latest bombings that have rocked the country.

“We have visited different police stations, military barracks in Makindye to inquire about these people’s whereabouts, but until now we don’t know their detention center,” he said.

He is appealing to security agencies to release them or produce them in courts of law other than being held incommunicado. Hajji Umaru Sebayiga, an uncle to the deceased, disputes security claims that their son was part of the rebel groups that bombed Kampala. He questions why a suspect in handcuffs was blatantly murdered.

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