“We stand no chance to defeat Museveni if we don’t unite on one front.” Besigye

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“We stand no chance to defeat Museveni if we dont unite on one front.” Besigye.

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Four time Presidential candidate who also doubles as the Chairperson for the new People’s FRONT for Transition PFT pressure group Dr Kizza Besigye has come out to say that, the opposition stands no chance to defeat the NRM led by Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni if they dont unite on one front to force him out of power.

While speaking to a congregation in Amuru District during the mobilization campaign for the PFT, Besigye said that whenever the opposition is disorganized with everyone wanting to push his or her own agendas, it kills the spirits of the fighters and Museveni uses the weakeness to defeat them.

Besigye adds that the problem is within the leaders of the struggle who dont want to unite but the people are united and willing to converge on one front.

Besigye however said that an election should not be one one the avenues to use now to fight the ‘junta’ regime because Museveni will not at any one time organise an election and let any one else win it.

Besigye has asked those who are yearning for change regardless of what political group they belong to to unite and use all available means to take power and save the nation from the suffering and dictatorship by the NRM government.

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