“We are heading to where Sudan , Libya and Ethiopia are because of Museveni” Ssemujju Nganda

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“We are any time heading to where Sudan , Libya and Ethiopia are because of Museveni who wants to rule for life.” Ssemujju Nganda.

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Kira Municipality MP who also doubles as the Forum for Democratic Change spokesperson Hon Ssemujju Nganda has come out to say that Uganda is seated on a time bomb and any time we are heading to the disasterus situations Libya , Sudan went through and what Ethiopia is going through.

Ssemujju says this is due to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is so much determined to rule Uganda for over 4 decade and for all his life time.

Ssemujju adds that in the process, Gen Museveni has undermined and weakened state institutions to make everyone worship him and now one with the capacity to challenge his word and authority.

Ssemujju says the troubles Libya and Sudan are going through didnot come just from no where but by actions of their leaders who wanted to cling onto power forever just as Museveni is doing tempting People to use all available means possible to get rid of them.

Ssemujju says that Museveni would have done Uganda a favour by leaving peacefully because the outcome of his greed will affect generations to come including his own family members.

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