How top lawyer Akram, dozens escaped deadly bomb attacks in Kampala

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At least 35 are critically still being attended to after the explosion targeting the two spots in Kampala.

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A twin bomb blast in Kampala targeted various spots on Tuesday 16th Novemeber 2021 morning, two police officers died and many are injured as others escaped the attack unharmed.

Initially, the Police Spokesman CP Enaga made official communications from police indicating that ADF rebels are behind the said bombs in Kampala.

I was going to DTB to make some withdrawals next to Jubilee insurance l got a call from a client about her cases then l was definitely delayed by her call immediately after setting off l heard the first sound I didn’t give it attention but before reaching Dewinton road l saw people running towards me screaming bomb!! bomb!! thats how l survived. Lawyer Acram narrates.

“I am fine but many Ugandans have been wounded. he added.

Akram, a lawyer at Tayebwa, Sserwadda,nn and Co advocates said that the bad ordeal that befell him early on Tuesday morning 16 November 2021.

The roads to the bombing scene were closed off by security forces.

Various imagery scenes show the blast also ignited a huge fire in the area and police managed to put it out.

The investigative Journalist Kayemba Emmanuel of Whisper Eye said, ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing, which comes just before the long-awaited President Museveni’s address to Ugandans that happened this Saturday.

The US Embassy has warned its citizens to avoid some areas and also to monitor local news to also contact family or check in on social media to let them know their status.

By Press, time police are stuck with remains of the killed suspected suicide bombers.

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